Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence product kit

Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence

For almost twenty years, Motorola provide the industry with the wireless and sophisticated technology for the better and easy way of living. Prior to that, they have come up with their new technology that concerns with the dog fencing system, the Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence. With this, you can probably keep your dogs from wandering away at home and even while you’re having some travel. This unique dog fence system uses a small and wireless transmitter capable of creating circular boundaries that can protect and keep your pets from wandering around. With its static correction having fifteen levels from the very gentle up to firm, this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence could be the perfect touch for you to meet all your needs.

Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence seems to be the ultimate in terms of flexibility. What make it really the ultimate one in flexibility is that it is only with this wireless and portable fencing system where you can have the installation in either indoor or outdoor. Moreover, this one can be operated within a short period along with the rechargeable battery that is included and it seems probably perfect to train dogs in keeping them close during some camping and not to wander around instead.

Kit inclusion

  • pet collar – perfect fit for parts over twenty pounds
  • wireless fence w/LCD screen
  • power adapters (used for pet collars and wireless fence)
  • collar strap (nylon)
  • rechargeable battery (used for wireless fence)
  • 2 pairs of collar contacts for per collar (long and short)
  • test light
  • training flags (50)
  • traveling bag (black)
  • outside ground stake (only for wireless fence)
  • user’s guide


  • 2.4 GHz RF technology
  • correction mode: warning vibration and tone, fifteen static levels
  • collar battery: li-on (rechargeable)
  • life of collar battery: 96 hours (usage dependent)
  • wireless fence battery life: 48 hours (usage dependent)
  • range of operation: up to 150 ft. line of eye sight
  • expands fit for two dogs
  • collar strap: ¾’’ wide grey nylon

Wireless fence considerations

  • you must have marginal landscaping
  • there must be no stucco or aluminum
  • any large vehicle or large buildings must be excluded on boundary area
  • avoid severe sloping because it can probable interfere with wireless signal

If you want the best and perfect performance that this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence can give, you must consider all those things that can barely affect it. Prior to that, getting those benefits on this product is probably what you can get afterwards. With this invisible fence and portable device for fencing purpose of your dogs, you can assure to get what you really deserve in terms of its performance. Since it is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturer in the field of technology and gadgets, then this one will sure to provide you with the satisfaction that you really deserve.

Now, if you want your dog fencing system to become more sophisticate, portable and easy to use, it is the perfect time for you to go and get this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence. With this, you can have your dog fencing system the sophisticated and modern way.