Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence product kit

Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence Review

Having your own pet in your house, specifically a dog, is a good idea. They can serve as your buddy or accompany whenever you are alone and they can even serve as your guard every-time there is no one left in your house. But some dogs are simply naughty, they keep on going out without their owners’ awareness or idea. It is the reason why most pet owners make fences around their house to prevent their dogs from going out by themselves, but some of the fences are not good enough to prevent the dogs from sneaking out. That is why the FlexPetz think for a solution and came up with the PCC200 in-ground fence.


Digital frequency encoding

This feature is very useful if your neighbor also have an electric in-ground fence because it eliminates lost signal interference that are coming from your neighbor’s dog fence and any other signal that are coming from generating devices. Any nearby electric dog fence and devices that makes the same signal may hinder your electrical fence and can cause signal unreliability or interruption.

Battery check

Its patented battery feature make sure you only replace the battery of your dog’s collar when it’s really depleted. It also auto-activate after every 120 minutes to make sure that you know that the battery is dying before it totally dies.

Lightweight and small

The perimeter collar receiver belongs to the smallest and lightest collars that you can find. It only weighs 1.4 ounces and is only suitable for any dogs that only weigh 8lbs and below.

4+1 individual correction settings

The collars of the systems can handle 1 advanced setting and 4 exceptional correction settings that can automatically increase when your dog continue going to the line boundary that you have made. Each of the collars has their own level of correction that are set at your transmitter. The lightweight collars and its exceptional correction settings are the best choice for pet owners that have different kinds of dogs.

Comfort contacts

The ultra-receiver collars are using contact points that are made with exceptional rubber to increase the collar comfort that are best for your dogs. The comfort contact points is the one conducting the correction similar to metallic contact point, it is also soft and is less irritating for your dog’s skin.

Unique waterproofing

Waterproofing is definitely the best for the collars because it doesn’t have any dials or buttons in the collar. So there is no need for you to worry when the collars of your pet dogs get wet.

Changeable boundary zone

The width of the boundary zone you have made have an adjustment on its perimeter system. You can also make a precise adjustments to the boundary because it is digital, so you will not experience any hard time in measuring the dimensions that you will be adding or removing from the boundary.

Numerous frequencies

The transmitter of the electric in-ground system has different kinds of frequency selection. This kind of feature will make sure that the electric dog fence you have made will really work properly even though your neighbors also will install or already have their electric dog fence or even there are devices that can also emits signals around.

So the ultimate dog fence system is really the best for all the dog owners that have enough vacant space in their yard. It is also the best because it can prevent your dogs from going out without your awareness or idea.