PetSafe Rechargeable In-ground Fence product kit

PetSafe Rechargeable In-ground Fence

A rechargeable in-ground fence is a convenient containment system that will let you keep your pet safe within the boundary zone without regularly replacing the collar batteries. Charge the receiver collar of your pet when the battery is low and he will be able to enjoy his new freedom in your yard. You will be able to add as many pets as you like with extra compatible collars. There are four adjustable static correction levels as well as the tone-only mode in the training from which you will be able to find the perfect level for your pet.

You can use this rechargeable in-ground fence for cats and dogs that are five pounds and up fitting the neck sizes of 6 to 26 inches. You can have it to be in tone-only mode which will alert your pet using a beep. There is also the automatic safety shut off having the corrections to stop after 15 seconds. It can cover up to 1/3 acre having boundary wire included. Moreover, it is expandable for up to 25 acres by using additional wire which is not included in the package. You won’t have to worry if you have many pets as Petsafe has extra in-ground receiver collars which will enable you to add an infinite number of pets and the receiver collar is waterproof. Also, it is running through the prevention-correction which increases when your dog is trying to run through the boundary zone.

The system has already included the transmitter with the power adaptor, the waterproof receiver collar that is rechargeable, the charger of the receiver having two plugs, 50 training flags, surge protector, boundary wire that is 500 feet long. Also included are the test light tool, the long and short contact points for the long or shorts haired pets, 2 pieces each of the wire nuts and the splice capsule that is waterproof, and the training and operating guide. It is also featuring its quick charge technology which is as well compatible with the Indoor Pet Barriers. You will attain a fully charged collar for only two hours and it can last for over two months under normal usage before it will have to be charged again.

The fence will be installed in your yard, you can also do it on a weekend with your basic DIY (Do It Yourself) skills. You will have to bury the wires in your yard in order to set your pet’s boundary that is customized for up to 25 acres having the additional flags and wires. The transmitter is going to send a radio signal in the wired boundary to the collar of your pet. If your pet would approach the boundary, he will be hearing a warning beep in order to remind him that he needs to stay in the yard. If he will continue through the boundary, he will feel a gentle, safe static correction came from the collar so that you can keep him in the yard. After over 2 weeks training, your pet will learn the areas quickly and he will be free to enjoy.