PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence product kit

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Dog fence

The PetSafe producers are excellent when it comes to these products. PetSafe has a well diverse group of scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and pet owners which help teach and develop each pet product to ensure that it will fit a brand expectation. Those pet lovers are also conducting home tests with their pets and the owners will make sure that that the product is going to function appropriately and must be safe for your pets.

A yard that is perfect for your pet is now easy to have without the buried wires or the expensive fences you can keep your pet to play safe and happy within your yard and off of the streets. The smooth in home unit is portable and tiny and it only needs an outlet. It has a rechargeable and waterproof collars which are known to be so far the smallest. With an easy training, collar settings, and a protection for up to three-fourths of acre, Stay+Safe Play Wireless Fence can give your pet the best freedom on your yard.

The product’s main feature is that it has a handy wireless system that can be set up in one to two hours, whereas some of its features are it has a five neck sizes starting from 6-23 inches, it is perfect for dogs weighing from five pounds and higher, a tone only mode will be able to alert your dog whenever it beep, a five modifiable levels of static correction, an automatic shut off wherein the correction will stop when it hits the 15 seconds mark, you can also an a limitless number of dogs by only adding a wireless collars, collars are using rechargeable batteries which are non-replaceable and built in already, not to mention that these collars are waterproof, they are need to be charged for an estimate of two to three hours, and they are also working with an original receiver collar and a wireless containment system.

What’s more about this product is that PetSafe has upgraded the previous wireless containment system. Their transmitter is already about 67 percent smaller which can fit in a lot of places far more easily, it can also cover a maximum of 105 feet in radius or 210 feet in a diameter, and a minimum of 22 feet in radius and 44 feet in diameter. You can also combine this with an additional transmitter in expanding the play area of your pet. The new collar is lighter and smaller, rechargeable, and it can fit the custom straps, so you do not need to buy batteries anymore. As an outcome, your yard will be filled with a lot more happiness, peace of mind, and more safety.

The system also includes a test light pool, a wireless transmitter that has a power adapter, a training and the operating guide, a receiver collar that has a rechargeable battery, a contact point wrench, a two contact points which are long, and a 50 training flags for the boundary.