Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence

Do you have a naughty dog that is very hard to train? If yes, then the stubborn dog fence is the best wireless pet fence for you. It’s a system that have a particular design that are intended to dogs that are very big and has a weight of 100lbs more. Even the dogs that are being bred in a low sensitivity of pain can also use this system. This systems are also offering collars that can be used by your dogs. It made to make sure that your dogs will not be able to stray or to get lost.


  • Large, heavy and brick identical collar – the collar of the system is large, heavy and boxy. The collar of petsafe is also 1005 waterproof and durable.
  • Generic and disposable battery – for cost and accessibility, it is better to use collars that are rechargeable. That is the reason why the systems collar is using a usual 9 voltage of battery to be charged easily. The battery has the capacity to last for 3 months only in a normal use. There is also no need for you to look for a specialty store to avail the battery because it can be easily found.
  • Strongest correction that are available – the collars of the system are 50% stronger than any other common collars because the collars of the system is really made for the guardian breed dogs that has a high tolerance for pain and for the other dogs that are over 100lbs. Its increase in correction is very high for the more sensitive and smaller dogs, so it should be used with extra care to prevent over-correction.
  • Five individually correction levels that are adjustable – the collars will allow you to choose the correction level of the collars for your pets. It is the reason why the system is suitable for any multidog households considering that every dog has their own strength and different correction need.
  • Compatible with any other collars – the transmitter of the stubborn dog fence is compatible with any other dog fence receiver collars. This type of inter-compatibility is not common and is considered as one of the useful feature of dog fences. It makes the collar to be a good pick for the people who owns more than one dog, especially if all the dogs are dissimilar in size and temperament.
  • 10 acre capacity – the transmitter of the dog fence can monitor around 10 acres.
  • Boundary width that is adjustable – the simple and reliable transmitter lets the user adjust your boundary’s width from 0 to 10 ft. the larger your boundary zone, the less possibility that your dog will break and cross it.
  • Boundary alarm – boundary alarm will sound when one of your wire in your fence broke. The steady green signal light approves that your boundary is functioning.
Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence product set

This kind of in-ground dog fence is really good and effective to use for all your naughty dog to be trained. Once your dogs are already properly trained, they will now learn to stay away in the boundary line. Making you feel more happy and proud.