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Top Training Tips for New Dogs and Pet Owners

Having a new family member in the form of a dog has always been an exciting thing in one’s life. Dogs are some of the best companions humans can ever have. Though, as soon as you get the dog in your house, you need to be aware of the tips to train him/her.

It is important to keep in mind that the overall training session should be a rewarding, fun and fulfilling experience both for the pet and the owner as well. Nothing gets worse than having a dog that is not friendly at all, not trained and behaves very badly.

Start Low and Make It Fun and Interesting

One must remember that training your dog will not always be rainbows and sunshine. There will be situations where the dog will not cooperate or listen to the commands. It is important to keep things light and fun, and the training session should be so. Never manipulate or force your dog aggressively to perform your desired behavior.

All you need is to support and guide them to discover and, most importantly, understand what good behavior should be. You must reward them for the action. This will motivate them to learn similar actions again and again.

Get Rid of Distractions

If experts are to be believed, one of the biggest obstacles of successful training sessions are distractions. Similar to us humans, dogs also get distracted by a lot of things. This is why it is important to get rid of distractions during the training sessions.

Always keep the toys away, do training in quiet places, close the windows and do not let other pets or people interrupt the training session. It is seen that dogs tend to lose their focus even without distractions. In case there are some distractions, the training sessions get very complex.

Do Not Scold or Punish

If you want to form great bonding with your furry friend, you need to be very patient. In any given scenario, you cannot scold or punish them. Doing so will create a fear in their mind for you, and then you will fail to create that perfect bond, no matter how hard you try. On the contrary, you should start a reward system for your pet. Every time the dog obeys or corrects the behavior, you offer a reward to them.

For example, if your dog crosses or somehow escapes an electric dog fence in the garden area even after your warning, you must act slowly and try to make the doing understand that it is harmful to him. If you see that dog is not even close to the fence the next day, reward him with a favorite chewing toy. This will certainly create a difference in the overall behavior of the dog.

Invest in the Right Gear

Training sessions get easier when you have the right training equipment and supplies. No matter what training style you follow for your pet, if you have the right tools, it will get easier for you to connect with the dog in a better way. It will also make him more engaged during the training session.

It can be a simple leash or treat pouch with all the rewards nearby and easily accessible, or a comfortable harness. Training your dog is something that needs great preparation. But if you have the right gear, you will always have endless opportunities to incorporate training into daily activities.

Motivate Them to Socialize

It is the responsibility of the pet owners to support their pet to get familiar with the social situations, humans and other pets early in life. This is considered one of the most effective and critical components for the overall development of the brain and social awareness. When you let your dog be in different circumstances to adapt, learn or accommodate, your pet will get more agile in its ability to deal with difficult situations ahead in life.

In case of Aggression Please Notice It

At times, your dog tends to resist during training sessions, and you may notice aggression. If you do notice some of it, consider hiring a professional dog training expert specializing in dealing with dog’s aggression. Aggression is an unwanted trait of a dog. It is important to deal with it with a professional expert. If not treated, it can mitigate the problem of safety concerns in unimaginable situations ahead in life.

Hope the post was useful and will help the new pet owners to deal with their pets in training and living cordially in life. You can also share your own experiences of how you managed to deal with your new pet.