YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence product kit

Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence

The Petsafe Yardmax In-ground Fence system is smartly designed innovative electric dog fence launched in 2013. It has the best features from all other PetSafe systems. The Yardmax system is one of the most lightweight collars on the market. It is a great option for most breeds and equally nice choice for multi-dog or single dog household. Also, it gives the most reliable and best management system that maximizes the area of yard space for the dog to enjoy freely.

It keeps the pet in the area with rechargeable collar that emits warning tone, transmitter and wires. It beeps warning and correction when the dog crosses the boundary line and safeguards the dog won’t be hesitant to use every measure of the ground right up the boundary flags. In this system, you can customize the dogs’ playpen to fit unique size of the yard.

Here are the good features of the PetSafe Yardmax

  • It maximizes the dog’s containment area making it difficult for the dog to run through the fence.
  • Rechargeable collar: The battery of the collar is recharged by a charging cord in about two hours. The collar battery charge lasts about a month
  • Five progressive levels of static correction: The levels can be customized make it ideal for dogs of varied sizes and temperaments. It ranges from medium to strong.
  • With two different modes, the Yardmax and Traditional.
  • Run through prevention system: It secures the dog wont escape without receiving the maximum level of static correction. The correction zone continuous on the outside of the boundary wire, so the pet cannot run all the way through the boundary area.
  • Ready test and perfect fit feature: It offers you information if the dog’s collar is working correctly and it fits properly every time you put the collar on.
  • Beep option for training.
  • Short and long contact points: The short switches contact points easier while the long contact points are useful for dogs with long and heavy fur.
  • Safety time out: It ensures the dog won’t receive a static correction for longer than fifteen seconds.
  • Anti-Linger Feature: This feature gives your dog automatically a static correction if they linger in the warning zone for the longer than two seconds.
  • Audible and visible alarms to alert when there is a problem with your boundary loop.

Yardmax has a warning zone that begins on the other side of the boundary wire. It gives the dog more space by maximizing all accessible yard space. The boundary zone has correction that continues to warn indefinitely causing it the pet not to run the boundary zone. This system will help the pet learn precisely its boundaries.

The Yardmax In-Ground electronic dog door is probably effective to use and the dog’s learning is fast on it. This system is unique that the warning and correction do not start until the dog cross over the wire. This feature allows to put the wire closer to the property area, hence giving your dog more space for the yard. This system is really good and highly recommended on dog owners having smaller yard.